What are your electric bikes like?

They are pedal-assisted bicycles. They are like normal mountain bikes, but they have a small electric motor that makes cycling easier, especially in hilly terrain.

Is it easy to ride an electric bike?

It’s as easy as riding a normal bike. You just need to know how to ride a bike.

How does it work?

You must pedal to go forward, just as you would on a normal bike. The difference is that the pedalling is assisted and, with a minimum leg effort, the bike moves forward. The feeling you’ll have is like someone pushing you while you’re pedalling. If you stop pedalling, the electrical assistance stops. These electric bicycles have a control so you will be able to ichange the level of assistance to adapt it to the circumstances of the route (slopes, flatter areas etc). You can increase the assistance level at any point, until you reach a speed of 25km/h.

Who is an electric bike suitable for?

They are suitable for everyone., The electric bike makes you move forward effortlessly, so there’s no need for training or to be particularly fit. All you need to know is how to ride a bike.

Are the bikes suitable for children?

Children must be at least 1.50 m tall to ride the bikes. They also need to know how to ride a normal bike.

Can I rent a bike and have someone in the group who takes his own bike?

Yes, no problem, but you’ll notice the difference when you are going up hill.

Can you go in a group?

That’s the best! It is certainly much more fun to ride with a group of friends or family. We have special prices for families.

We recommend a recommend a maximum group size of 6 people, especially on secondary roads.

What kind of clothes should I wear when I rent an electric bike?

We recommend comfortable clothes. There is no need for specialist clothing, although we recommend you wear cycling pants if you have them. Sports clothes suitable for the weather in the Sierra de Huelva are ideal,. As it is an outdoor activity, we always recommend carrying some warm clothes and a raincoat in case the weather changes along the way.

What happens if I run out of battery charge while I’m cycling?

The electric bicycle is like a normal bike, so if you run out of battery charge, you can continue pedalling as you would do on a normal bike. The routes are calculated so that the battery lasts the entire itinerary under normal conditions. However, there are some variables that can affect the amount of power you use, such as the level of assistance you use and the weight of each rider.

If you rent a bike for two or more days,  a charger is included so that the user will be able to recharge the battery at the end of the day.

And if I have a breakdown, what should I do? Who will come to help me?

Our electric bikes are very reliable and are checked and recharge after each use. However, we also  have an on-road assistance insurance to resolve any possible problems that may arise along the route. All you need to do is call us and a member of our assistance team will be on hand to solve the problem, providing you with a replacement bike if needed to allow you to complete your route.

What about if there’s an accident?

E-biking is as safe as normal cycling. However, if you do have an accident you should call the eBike Aracena team. We will be on hand as soon as possible to give assistance and will take anyone who is injured to the nearest medical centre.  if necessary, we will be accompanied by a specialized emergency team All accidents are covered by our Accident Insurance.

Do you have to follow one of the routes that eBike Aracena recommends or are you free to roam?

It is not essential to follow one of our routes, but we strongly recommend doing so. The routes have been specially designed to be ideal for ebiking: the roads are suitable for the bikes; the distances are calculated with battery life in mind; and they make it easier for us to offer on-route assistance services. But most of all, the routes are designed to take you through the different natural and cultural attractions that the area offers.

What does half day rental include? (only during the months of June, July, August and September)

Half-day rental includes bike, helmet, puncture kit, padlock and a small backpack. The half-day rent is for a maximum of 4 hours, during the morning (between 9am and 13:30h) or during the afternoon (between the 16h and the 20:30h). Whatever time you pick up the bike to start the route, you must return it to the center by the end of the relevant half-day rental period (13.30 for morning rental; 20.30 for afternoon rental).

The route assistance service is always included if you do one of our routes, but it is excluded if you choose not to follow one of our recommended routes.

What does whole-day rental include?

A full day rental includes a bicycle, a helmet, a puncture kit, a padlock and a small backpack. You will be able to pick up your bike from 9am and the return before 20:30h.

The route assistance service is always included if you do one of our routes, but it is excluded if you choose not to follow one of our recommended routes.

What is not included in the rental?

The rental fee does not include:

  • GPS
  • Guide Service

However, these services can be hired for an additional fee.

Can I rent a bike for a whole weekend? Or for more days?

Yes, there’s no problem. You can rent for a whole weekend, collecting it from 3pm on Fridays and returning Sunday before 20:30h. You can also rent it for three days or for a week. In all these cases, a battery charger is included with the rental.

For hire for more than 3 days please check prices with us, you can contact us using our contact form.

What are the routes like?

The routes are designed to allow you to discover the most interesting corners and stories of this area. Each route map identifies the track, the distance, the different elements that are found (nature, culture, gastronomy, etc…).All of our routes are classified according to their level of of difficulty, so each group can decide which route to do.

We can also help you to design custom-made routes especially for you, including routes that do not leave directly from our rental centre. Custom-made routes must be booked in advance to allow time to organise  the transport of the bikes to the place of departure (for example, from the rural house where you are staying).

What are the routes designed for?

The routes are designed to allow everyone, regardless oftheir fitness level, to enjoy a cycle ride through nature. All you need to know is how to ride a bike.. The routes are not intended competitive cycling. Our goal is help you enjoy the landscape and natural beauty of the area.

Do I need to book to follow a route?

There is no need to book your route ahead of time (with the exception of custom-designed routes), or to go with a guide. You can come, choose the route and do it alone, with your partner, with your family or with your own group, guided by the GPS. This allows you optimum freedom and independence.

However, we also offer specific guided routes, including ‘Meadow Visit’ and, ‘Night of Stars’. These routes have set departure schedules and are done as a group led by a guide.

How useful is it to have GPS?

With the GPS you will not be lost, and you will always know where you are on the route. The GPS will let you know if you’re deviating from the route.

Do I have to rent the GPS?

The GPS is available at an additional and is not an obligatory part of the rental. As part of the bike rental fee,  we give you a pack that details the itinerary you want to do, with an overview of it, the profile of the route and the different attractions you will find along the way. In addition, we will send you a PDF document to download on your mobile. This will help you to identify key points along the way.

However, we highly recommend that at least one person in your group rents a GPS. This will make it easier to ensure that you don’t miss any points of interest.

Does each bike carry a GPS?

No. We recommend that at least one person in the group, whether it’s a small or large group, takes the GPS, In this way, he/she can guide the whole group.

Can we have a personal guide to guide us and accompany us along the route?

Yes, we are happy to provide guide services. All we ask is that you advise us well in advance, and that you make the request at the time of booking. This will enable us to guarantee that a guide will be available when you pick up your bikes.

What can I do along the way?

The routes are designed to allow you to take full advantage of this beautiful natural environment. The list is endless. You can look at , discover plants, climb mountains, walk down a valley,  swim in a river, nap under a tree, discover hidden Roman ruins., Take the time to talk and laugh with friends, eat under the shade of oak trees and breathe fresh air…. In short, disconnect from the stresses of daily life and enjoy the freedom of nature.