Who are we?

A family of nature and cycling lovers, we arrived in the Sierra de Huelva a couple of years ago. A few months later, eBike Aracena was born in the heart of the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche, in the west of Andalusia.

Our history

We want everyone to enjoy the rural and natural environment in which we are located just as we do, through a sustainable activity that helps us on our venture to observe nature.

A new beginning...

When we decided to change our lives and become entrepreneurs, we decided that our business venture should allow us to enjoy what we thought was a privileged life: living in a relatively small town, surrounded by magnificent mountains and magic places and do it in an ecological way…

Fans of cycling, we looked for a way to live in this wonderful natural environment and at the same time to practise a sport that we love. We wanted to go out and have fun with our children  and enjoy the hilly landscape without too much effort and in equal conditions.

This is exactly what we found when we tried the electric bikes. What a delight!

By opening eBike Aracena, we intend to develop a business that also supports local companies through joint synergies and thus foster the development of sustainable and high-quality tourist activities appropriate to our natural and rural environment.

So, you have no excuses…
Go ahead and discover Sierra de Huelva with eBike Aracena!!

Our Values

We are committed to technology and ecotourism!

Our eBikes

Our electric bicycles will allow you to reach places you could not do so by car and go further than you could on foot. Our electric bicycles even out the physical fitness of their users, facilitating an enjoyable activity with the family, in groups, couples, etc.

Our Routes

They are the heart of the business. They are designed so that anyone can enjoy our natural environment and our Beautiful mountain villages. They have been planned in great detail so our customers just have to get carried away and enjoy the experience!

Our Clients

We want to bring our customers closer to Andalusian rural life, to our heritage and to our culture, reinforcing the values associated with this activity, such as sustainability, preservation and respect for our nature and culture. We want our customers to experience a unique experience.

Why Aracena?

Due to the topography of the area, the electric bicycle is an attractive way to enjoy a visit to the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche Natural Park.

We are in the town of Aracena, in the heart of the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park. The place is characterized by a natural and cultural heritage that arouses the curiosity and interest of anyone who visits it.

The area includes the protected denomination of origin of Jabugo, so our visitors will be able to taste all the products of the area, including the well-known Iberian pata Negra cured ham, during their visit. A reward more than deserved after a long time pedalling!

The landscape changes depending on the altitude and humidity. The pastures populated with Holm Oaks are replaced in some areas by Cork Oaks and in others, in villages such as Fuenteheridos, Galaroza or Castaño del Robledo the landscape is made up of chestnut trees.

In rivers like the Múrtiga River we will find closed forests where there are abundant trees such as poplars, ash, willows and alders, along with brambles and climbing plants.

This Huelva Sierra is also certified as a Starlight Reserve, which means that it is an ideal place for the observation of the night sky.

Visiting its villages by electric bicycle and enjoying its interesting heritage are activities that park visitors simply can’t miss.